Sunday, August 18, 2013

Per 18 July 2013 approved list of gTLDs - ready for pre-registration - interactive blog

New gTLDs can be applied for through:                                                            18 August 2013


2) is much faster, quicker and cheaper, and principally all decent applications get approved. Icann is bigger, and American.

 HERE IS THE LIST OF FRESHLY (18 July 2013) approved new gTLD's:

Have fun! See what you pregister!

That was mainly an Icann list, so when the domain extension of 'your dreams' is not amongst above, or you LIKE the 'no whois policy' of, turn to them (info@)

What are our impressions of above named approved list?


a) very extensive, good! All the people who want to have a decent domain name for decent page ranking, have now more chance!

b) minus: almost everything is in English - is that the wish of the world? Or of all products, extensions and geographical areas?

c) besides 4, absolutely no domain extensions in other than Latin script (that is what we type here). Over 100 other scripts exist in the world, at least 10 Indian scripts, several Chinese scripts, cyrillic, Thai, Japanses - just to mention a few. Would those Countries/people not want an IDN (Internationalised Domain Name) extension in THEIR script? is ready to make it for Icann not? Mail about this.

d) no brand gTLD's yet....

This is meant to become an interactive blog, so please post your reactions!

18 August 2013,

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